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How the MCU’s X-Men reboot could be a win for women and gays

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe pushing through Phase 5, the upcoming revival of this supergroup might have its leading ladies front and center. 

The MCU’s primary team is the Avengers, with its original lineup consisting of its lone heroine Black Widow. The MCU has expanded to include more women heroes in its properties, such the Wasp, Shuri, Valkyrie, Gamora and more, with fan favorites Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel joining the Avengers main roster.

But many of the O.G. players in the MCU have moved on and new super teams are taking over, like the Young Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the Thunderbolts. But MCU fans are most excited about the inclusion of the X-Men, the first Marvel supergroup to make it to the silver screen. 

And rumor has it, the reboot of this crew might put a focus on the X-Women. While the information shared by insider Daniel Richtman is simply a part of the X-Men rumor mill, focusing on the leading ladies of the X-Men wouldn’t be too far-fetched of an idea. 

In Marvel’s X-Men world, people referred to as “mutants” can be bestowed different powers at birth or upon hitting puberty thanks to the “X-Gene” within their genetics. Powers range from healing to weather manipulation and one telepathic mutant named Professor Charles Xavier (a.k.a Professor X) has made it his mission to create a world where humans and mutants happily coexist with the help of his team of mutants called the X-Men. 

Anyone who’s a fan of the X-Men comics and the animated TV shows knows that many of the women in the X-Men, such as Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost, are some of the most powerful and central characters within the properties. They’ve also acquired a dedicated gay fanbase in the process.

The previous 20th Century Fox films focused on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, with the exception of Famke Janssen and Halle Berry giving us iconic Jean Grey and Storm representation respectively. But if this rumor is true, then women and the gays can expect win if the Kevin Feige plans to focus on the X-Men’s leading ladies. 

Feige has had plans to revive the famous set of superheroes for a long time, with previous MCU properties teasing the inclusion of the X-Men. The reboot is officially in early stages of development 

While we wait for this new iteration of Professor X’s famous team, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 teasing one last look at the 20th Century Fox X-Men before the team’s leading ladies take over the team. 

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