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‘I Saw the TV Glow’ is bringing queerness and horror to Sundance

*Photo credit: Courtesy of Sundance Institute

The Sundance Film Festival just dropped their list of 2024 films and one horror movie is queering up the roster considerably.

On Wednesday, the famed festival announced its selection of film premieres and the roster is stacked. From Will Ferrell’s documentary Will & Harper on a road trip he takes with his friend when she comes out as trans to the star-studded Freaky Tales featuring the internet’s favorite daddy Pedro Pascal, there’s plenty of queer films to be excited about.

However, one in particular will have us glued to the screen, but maybe we shouldn’t get too close based on the topic. Sundance also announced the premiere of Jane Schoenbrun’s I Saw the TV Glow and the production behind it is too queer to handle.

The A24 film follows Owen, a teenager navigating life in the suburbs when a classmate introduces him to a late-night TV show that isn’t what it seems. The mysterious program is a glimpse into a supernatural world hidden within their own, one that cracks Owen’s view of reality within the glow of the TV. 

Honestly, sign us up. The film will feature the acting chops of Justice Smith and Brigitte Lundy-Paine, two queer talents whose work continues to entertain the masses. But it also has queer indie rock sensation Phoebe Bridgers along for the ride. With it directed and penned by Schoenbrun, who identifies as nonbinary, I Saw the TV Glow might as well be a glowing rainbow at this point. 

Schoenbrun made a name for themselves through their 2021 directorial debut with the horror film We’re All Going to the World’s Fair, which also premiered at Sundance. They’ll also be adapting Imogen Binnie’s cult classic Nevada, which follows Maria Griffiths, a punk transgender New Yorker on a road trip on a road trip of self-discovery. 

While Sundance takes place between January 18 to January 28 of next year, moviegoers will have to wait and see what all goes down when Smith and Lundy-Paine see the TV glow. 

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