Is Colman Domingo joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Colman Domingo might be adding a new role to his resume and it might come with superpowers.

Domingo has proven that he can take on the stage, television, and the silver screen. From horror and thrillers to drama and musicals, there’s no genre the acclaimed actor can’t handle.

Now, he might be set enter into the world of superheroes. Rumor has it, the Euphoria actor is eyed for the role of Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Announced by film insider Daniel Richtman, the MCU is considering Domingo as a suitable replacement for actor Jonathan Majors. After being found guilty on assault and harassment charges, Majors was consequently fired from his role as Kang the Conqueror.

Introduced in season one of the Loki series, Kang was expected to be the MCU’s next “big bad” after Josh Brolin’s Thanos, culminating into him having his own film titled Avengers: The Kang Dynasty. Those plans are up in the air, with Marvel contemplating scrapping the character completely for another supervillain.

With Kang’s story left unresolved after the events of Loki season 2, that could make for a quick fix. And while The Kang Dynasty film is simply being referred to as Avengers 5 internally, if Domingo replaces Majors, there’s a possibility for the character to come back to prominence or simply have his story return and conclude in the fifth Avengers film.

Either way, if Domingo receives the role, consider us excited. It’s not everyday you get an Afro-Latine gay man in such a monumental role, but as of late, all Domingo seems to do is take these on.

Domingo wrapped up his role as Victor Strand in the zombie-thriller series Fear the Walking Dead, while starring in Max’s Euphoria as Ali. Additionally, he starred in Blitz Bazawule’s musical film adaptation of The Color Purple and played civil rights activist Bayard Rustin in Netflix’s Rustin, of which he’s garnering plenty of Oscar buzz.

While 2023 was fabulous for Domingo, 2024 could be even better for him. Some may even call it a super-powered year.

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