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Jamie Lee Curtis Had the Perfect Response to That Halloween “Trauma” Meme

Spooky season has just begun, but for Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween ends way before October 31. Fresh into her promotional tour for Halloween Ends, the upcoming finale to the “H40” trilogy, the queer icon and Scream Queen is ready to talk Michael Myers, her character Laurie Strode, and that one “trauma” meme that circulated around the internet a while back.

Promotional tours are a common part of promoting films and “Scream Queen” JLC is very familiar with them. But when she did her 2021 promo tour for Halloween Kills, one common word came up in each interview, trauma. And like Lady Gaga on her promo tour for A Star Is Born, Curtis received a supercut of her talking about the film revolving around trauma. 

But don’t worry, JLC has seen the meme and she’s a fan. Recently at New York Comic Con to discuss the latest Halloween installment, Curtis mentioned the meme in her conversation with moderator Drew Barrymore.

“It was this incredibly beautiful film about Laurie and her trauma, and I’ve seen the f*cking meme, so don’t worry!” she said. “It was funny.”

But the Halloween actress also received the last laugh. 

“But the movie also made a f*cking fortune, so f*ck you.”

The rest of the conversation proved to be just as impactful. JLC discussed how Laurie Strode’s legacy and Halloween franchise fandom changed her life.

“No matter what I do — whatever the f*ck I do forever — Laurie Strode is because of you and I thank you.”

The Halloween “H40” trilogy ends this year and hopefully, so does Laurie Strode’s trauma. Halloween Ends premieres in theaters and on Peacock on October 14, 2022.

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