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Joaquin Phoenix To Star in Todd Haynes’ Upcoming Gay Romance

Hold onto your funderpants people, because Joaquin Phoenix is set to officially play gay in a new Todd Haynes film.

The 1930s-set period film will tell “a love story between men,” a project which Phoenix brought to Haynes. And quite frankly, that’s all I need to know. Take my money!

The gays are already calling it the male answer to Carol.

But is the film Phoenix’s “first” gay performance? Not by a long shot.

What was 2012’s The Master if not a deeply homoerotic love story between Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman?

And we can’t forget his other extremely homoerotic turns in To Die For and The Immigrant, where he plays characters who worship iconic women. And honestly, if you don’t see Her as a queer film, I don’t know what to tell you.

Still, it’s a deeper plunge into the queerosphere than we’ve come to expect from the eclectic star of JokerFolie à Deux.

Some fans are even remembering the time they almost made Brokeback Mountain starring Phoenix and Josh Harnett as Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar…

Whatever this movie turns out to be, we are 1000% here for it.

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