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Joel Kim Booster revealed that this naughty scene was removed from ‘Fire Island’

Fire Island became an instant gay classic when it premiered in 2022. Now, its star and creator Joel Kim Booster has revealed the deleted scenes that could’ve made it even better.

On the red carpet of Monday night’s Emmy Awards, Booster was asked if any scenes from Fire Island were too risque to make the cut.

“Fans will be outraged to find out [there were] sex scenes between myself and Zane Phillips that we had to cut for time and other reasons,” Booster told Deadline Hollywood. “They missed a shot of my ass, you know? Justice for my ass!”

Booster was right: Fans are, in fact, outraged. Both Booster and Phillips, who also starred in Netflix’s Glamorous, are undeniably gorgeous, so the thought of them sharing the screen for a sexy scene or two is enough to cause an uproar. Naturally, a director’s cut is in high demand.

Booster even got in on the action, writing, “Pray for a director’s cut.”

Fire Island was nominated for outstanding television movie and outstanding writing at the Emmys, but it didn’t win either award. That means Booster is finally ready to move on to his next project — though what that project is, he won’t say.

“I just turned in the final draft of a movie to a studio, and that’s all I can say for now,” Booster told Variety on the red carpet. “I can tell you what it’s not: it’s not a Fire Island sequel.”

It’s bad news for anyone hoping for Booster’s take on the new Fire Island discourse. Booster continued, saying he knows fans might be disappointed that Fire Island’s beloved characters won’t be returning, but what they’ll get instead is even better.

“I think people think they want a Fire Island sequel,” Booster said. “What I’m hoping to do with this next movie is just cast 80% of the same people and just pull a Christopher Guest.”

“I want to continue to bring those people along with me on this journey, and I think that will scratch the itch for a lot of people, just to see Matt Rogers running around doing something ridiculous in a different movie, in a different setting,” he continued.

Fire Island is now streaming on Hulu.

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