Josh O’Connor wrote a gay teen rom-com and the trailer’s out now

Even as we’re still recovering from the bisexual tension in Challengers, Josh O’Connor is now delivering queer romance from the writer’s desk. Bonus Track, a gay teen rom-com written by O’Connor, has just released its first trailer.

The British coming-of-age film, which originally premiered on the 2023 festival circuit, is at last headed for the small screen (in the UK for now). Taking place in 2006, Bonus Track follows George (Joe Anders), a sixteen-year-old slacker musician who starts a band with his crush, Max (Samuel Small).

“George dreams of being a star and knows he’s a gifted musician — but no one else seems to agree,” the synopsis reads. “So when Max  — the son of a mega-famous musical duo — enrolls at his school and takes an interest in his music, George can’t believe it. Neither can anyone else.

“But as the boys grow closer, George begins to question why he wants to spend time with Max. George is faced with a potential dream come true – if he can just figure out what that dream now really is.”

Along with cute montages of the two leads falling in love, the trailer gives a sneak peak at the original soundtrack from Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander.

O’Connor co-wrote the story with screenwriter Michael Gilbert, and he will have a cameo role within the film itself. Bonus Track is directed by Julia Jackman and will also star Alison Sudol, Jack Davenport, Susan Wokoma and Ray Panthaki.

Outside of the film, O’Connor has two other high-profile queer acting roles coming up. He will star alongside Paul Mescal in the upcoming period romance The History of Sound. And, he is reportedly in talks to star in Luca Guadagnino’s next queer film, Separate Rooms, and he’s already begun to learn Italian for the role.
Bonus Track is coming to UK streaming service Sky just in time for Pride month, on June 1.

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