Lil Nas X bares it all in ‘Long Live Montero’ trailer

The first trailer to Lil Nas X‘s documentary is here and shows a new side to the Gen Z rap sensation.

On Thursday, Lil Nas X (born Montero Hill) rapper dropped the trailer to the documentary Love Live Montero. The documentary, directed by Carlos López Estrada and Zac Manuel, is the first major project to come out following Lil Nas X’s release of his new song ‘J Christ.’

Fans are used to the confident, charismatic, and, at times, “chaotic good” persona that Lil Nas X performs online and IRL. However, the documentary will uncover who Montero Hill is and how he became the musical sensation Lil Nas X, while he embarks on his Long Live Montero Tour.

The trailer highlights a young man navigating his sexuality and his rise to stardom at the same time. The former is already difficult for many, but being placed into the public eye while doing so couldn’t cause more problems, right?

Well, the trailer proves otherwise.

“Some people think my music is dope,” Lil Nas X says in the trailer. “Some people see me as this satanic devil. But me?”

We’ll have to watch the documentary for the answer to his lingering question. However, the rest of the trailer shows him grappling with his sexuality, wrestling with his public image, and engaging with his family, while exploring his identity in his music and fashion choices.

“I’m always trying to challenge the way my family thinks of things,” Lil Nas X adds. “So many queer people are making these strides, but it’s a fight.”

A fight indeed, and another challenge Lil Nas X navigates is criticism from the public too. Anyone tied to social media has seen the criticism hurled towards Lil Nas X’s music.

While “Old Town Road” dominated every elementary school dance, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” while another smash hit, stuck a sour note with naysayers. Using Christian themes within music isn’t uncommon; Just ask Madonna, Beyoncé, or Kanye West.

But when you take a stripper pole from heaven to hell, give Satan a lap dance, and have your song be about man you’re into who “ain’t living right,” well, some folks just didn’t deemed “Montero” controversial. That controversy continued with the promotional rollout for Lil Nas X’s song and music video “J Christ.”

Lil Nas X recently spoke out about the backlash impacting his mental health, another theme present within the trailer for Long Live Montero. But like the title of the documentary implies, and despite the critics, Lil Nas X hopes his reign over music, social media, and the pop culture zeitgeist exists for a long time.

While fans patiently wait for Lil Nas X’s new album, they’ll get an inside scoop into his previous “Montero” era when the Long Live Montero premieres on January 27 at 8PM ET on Max.

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