A Family Affair

The Loneliest Boy in the World Proves That the Undead Can Be Chosen Family Too

Family bonds can be tested, bent, broken, and put back together again. The same goes for your family if they’re a collection of undead individuals as well, a lesson Oliver (Max Harwood) learns in the upcoming film The Loneliest Boy in the World

Set in the 80s, sheltered and unsocialized Oliver now has to find community, support, and healing after the death of his mother. So who does he turn to in order to find it? The undead. 

After excavating a few dead bodies one night, he wakes up the next day to find them alive. Now, he must protect himself and his undead chosen family from nosy neighbors, bullies and social workers, as well as from the series of hijinks and misadventures they experience along the way. 

Directed by Martin Owen, the cast features queer actors Max Harwood (Everybody’s Talking About Jamie) and Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars), as well as Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Susan Wokoma, Evan Ross, Ben Miller, Ashley Benson, and Jacob Sartorious. Harwood made waves for his role as Jamie New in the BAFTA-nominated film Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Now, he’s back in another starring role in a coming-of-age tale that feels a little bit like Warm Bodies and carries a lot of Tim Burton influence. Based on the trailer, The Loneliest Boy in the World is chock full of macabre humor and dark wit that is sure to please audiences. 

“I feel very privileged to bring this wonderful story to the screen, particularly alongside such an incredible cast,” said Owen for Deadline. “Each actor brought their own quirky, nuanced style to the table, and it would be impossible to overstate the stylistic impact every single person made on the finished product. I am beyond excited for audiences to join in the fun of this heartfelt, wacky, zombie-infused 80s fairytale.”

Sounds like a perfect spooky season watch for this month. 

The Loneliest Boy in the World premieres in theaters on October 14, 2022 and out on digital on October 18, 2022. 

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