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We Need This Queer Rom-Com Brought to the Silver Screen

From Fire Island to the Half of It to Crush to Booksmart, queer-led romantic comedies (or rom-coms) keep appearing because, well, queer folks love seeing themselves represented. With the latest queer romcom, Bros, out now and making waves for *checks notes* multiple reasons, more queer rom-com ideas have been popping up all over the internet. For example, check out this one below: 

Twitter account @gayblackvet tweeted out “A rom com with them as a group of friends who go on a gay cruise full of mean muscle gays that capsizes”. The group of friends selected for what would be an amazing rom-com consists of Larry Owens, Daniel Franzese, Nico Santos, Guillermo Diaz, Guy Branum, Tituss Burgess, and Harvey Guillén.

Judging from the cast suggestions alone, I mean, give this to us right now! We’ve seen all of these talents featured in dramas, horror, sitcoms, and even other rom-coms, but their talents shouldn’t be relegated to the sidelines. They should be starring in this type of rom-com. Can you imagine the above and below deck hijinks that would ensue? Comedic gold!

These queer actors are known for playing parts that have also highlighted that they’re larger queer men. Various rom-coms tend to leave out folks of different body types, save a few for that have made it their storyline. But all folks deserve representation, and people of all body types deserve that as well – especially in queer rom-coms. And this movie would be queer rom-com perfection.

And everyone else seems to think so too. 

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