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News of a new Faye Dunaway documentary has the gays screaming

While many of us might have first encountered the name Faye Dunaway through Bowen Yang’s Instagram handle (sad but true), we’re all about to learn so much more. Faye Dunaway was a huge 70s star with incredible range and devastating dramatic power: she took on iconic roles and transformed herself into some of the decade’s most fascinating, complex monsters and heroines. And thanks to Faye, a new HBO doc featuring interviews with the legend herself, we’re about to be looking at a total Faye-issance.

While Dunaway made her name through era-defining performances in Bonnie and Clyde, The Eyes of Laura Mars, Chinatown, Network, and the camp classic Mommie Dearest, she’s also well known to the gays for some of her messier moments. Consider, for instance, the time she shaded Hilary Duff after the “Lizzie McGuire” star was tapped to lead a Dunaway biopic years ago.

There are also rumors that Dunaway threw a cup of her own urine at Roman Polanski when he denied her a bathroom break on the set of Chinatown. Hollywood glamour at its peak!

She was also friends with legendary gay playwright Tennessee Williams, who she met during a 70s production of Streetcar Named Desire. She later adapted his story “Yellow Bird” into a feature film.

Whether you know her for her brilliant performances or her legendary shade-throwing, you’re going to want to learn all about Dunaway’s rise to fame and retreat from the spotlight.

As an actress rising to stardom during a decade that famously did not treat women well (not much has changed there,) Dunaway faced sexism, endless crap from directors and costars, and bad press. But the new documentary is about to settle the score.

Now we have just one question: when are we going to get a Shelley Duvall doc?

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