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Newsflash: ‘Jurassic Park’ always had trans dinosaurs

No, the Jurassic Park franchise isn’t suddenly all about transness — but that’s because it’s always been all about transness.

That’s the lesson the internet had to teach a misguided user on X, after they complained about queer representation coming to the famous sci-fi franchise. The discourse stemmed from a clip from the new animated series Jurassic World: Chaos Theory, which is coming to Netflix later this month. In the clip, one character refers to two women as “girlfriends,” apparently setting off the “woke” alarms for a conservative in the comments.

“This going to be some woke garbage,” they wrote. “Get ready for ‘trans’ and ‘non-binary’ characters and dinosaurs.”

But even beyond the post’s homophobia, it had a glaring flaw in its logic, which the rest of the internet was quick to point out: There have been trans dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park franchise since the very first film.

A major plot point in the first Jurassic Park movie is that the scientifically created dinosaurs can change their gender after hatching, thanks to frog DNA that the scientists used to reconstruct their genomes. That’s how they’re able to reproduce, despite the scientists making them all female to prevent breeding.

Is it a one-to-one comparison for trans people? No, of course not — but it’s close enough to use to dunk on idiots on the internet.

In fact, as one commenter pointed out, the “most famous quote in the entire franchise” points to the dinosaurs’ transness: When Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm says that “life finds a way,” he’s referring to the fact that though all the dinosaurs are female, they’re still finding a way to reproduce by changing their sex.

The moral of the story? Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs have been trans as long as the franchise has existed, and they’ll keep being trans long after it ends.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory drops on Netflix on May 24.

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