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‘Rotting in the Sun’ Trailer Is Filled With Chaos, Comedy, and Naked Men

This upcoming phallus-filled film is bringing equal parts comedy and sex to the silver screen. 

Getting ghosted by someone can feel pretty crumby, especially if you’re really into them. But in the new trailer for Rotting in the Sun, one determined and slightly obsessed man gets ghosted by a guy and he’s hellbent on finding out why.

Rotting in the Sun film is dark, raunchy, and meta comedy from writer-director Sebastián Silva, starring both him and Jordan Firstman as fictionalized versions of themselves. A depressed Sebastián decides to unwind from his director duties at a gay Mexican beach town, packed with naked men, where he meets the outrageous and self-absorbed Instagram influencer Jordan and finds himself agreeing to collaborate on Jordan’s upcoming project. 

An excited Jordan travels to Mexico City, expecting to meet Sebastián there. But when Sebastián goes MIA, Jordan embarks on a wildly chaotic search for him, that not even a language barrier will stop him from finding out what happened to Sebastián. 

This festival darling made a strong buzz at Sundance this year due to one thing poking out in the film: the copious amounts of penis. Silva’s film was filled with more poles than an election and featured some unsimulated gay sex scenes that definitely aren’t suitable for work, unless your work involves starring in Rotting in the Sun

Full-frontal male nudity aside, the film also garnered praise for being incredibly funny and enjoyable. Did naked men have something to do with that? Probably, but the chaos and comedy that this trailer highlights is room enough to believe that Rotting in Sun brings so much more to the table than just dick. But both will keep viewers glued to the screen. 

Check out the chaos below in this SFW trailer, but maybe close the office door just in case. Rotting in the Sun premieres in theaters on September 8 and on MUBI on September 15.

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