MC Snafu

The Madame Webb memes have arrived

Sleepy queen Dakota Johnson is about to make her MCU debut in 2024’s Madame Webb, and we’re sat. But for the wrong reasons entirely.

Ever since the project was announced in 2021, Marvel fans have been excited about the potential of a Madame Webb spin-off devoted to the exploits of an aging woman with muscular degeneration who uses a giant cobweb-like structure as life support. Who wouldn’t be excited?

But when Dakota Johnson—at a fresh 34 years old—was announced as the titular character, fans had questions. And now that the first poster for the film has been released, the questions just keep coming. Why is Madame Webb young? Why is she smiling? What the hell has she got to smile about. And most importantly: will this be a great repeat of the Great Morbius SNAFU of 2022?

The poster has people asking…what exactly is her power?

It’s giving camp, and not just because of Sydney Sweeney’s involvement.

It’s giving last ditch effort, it’s giving we ran out of money for promo.

But perhaps most importantly, it’s giving Girl Morbius.

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