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This hot ‘Challengers’ moment was completely improvised

The chemistry in Challengers has everyone hot and bothered. Now, fans can’t believe that this moment between the actors was improvised.

In case you’ve been under a rock, Challengers is the hottest movie of the spring. Starring Zendaya, Mike Faist, and Josh O’Connor, the Luca Guadagnino-directed film features a bisexual, tennis-centric, love triangle between the aforementioned actors that’s leaving everyone amazed and in a daze. While all of the starring cast members are besties, the chemistry between the three actors is all the internet can talk about.

Like any movie, scenes are rehearsed multiple times in order to get the right on-screen effect. So naturally, Zendaya, Faist, and O’Connor rehearsed scene after scene. But one moment, in particular, was completely improvised.

TikTok account This Week’s Movie, ran by mononymously known cinephile Alex, posted a video about the churro eating scene between Faist’s Art and O’Connor’s Patrick at Stanford University.

“The churro scene in Challengers is exactly the kind of unplanned, improvised magic that can happen on a movie set,” Alex said. “This scene was originally scripted to have Art and Patrick talking on campus, with one passing mention of the churros in the script, and nothing about how they were eating them was mentioned.

Go on…

“The scene we got is dominated by this eat/acting character subtext that would make Brad Pitt proud, and it was all improvised by the actors on the day, mostly because Josh O’Connor was starving and really wanted those churros,” Alex added.

Based on how that scene went in Challengers, viewers can assume that’s not the only thing O’Connor’s Patrick wanted.

Now the question is “how many times did it take to get this scene right?” While we don’t have the answer, we do know that those churros were going to make it into O’Connor as he was hunger and it was his very first one, according to the actor. While many Challengers viewers were wrapped up in how Patrick moved Art’s chair closer to him during that scene, now fans are mind blown over this discovery.

One TikTok user said that they “need to see it again in imax” and another claimed that the “the churros were paid actors.” We’re still trying to maintain our composure over this scene, let alone the entire movie. Check out Alex’s video below about the scene and make sure you have your churros with you.


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Challengers is in theaters now.

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