Let's Ride

This sweaty biker drama stars Tom Hardy, Jodie Comer and Austin Butler and the gays are not ready

If Charli XCX’s “Ride” has been living rent-free in your head since 2015, if Tom Hardy’s “of course I’ve had sex with men” comment has kept you awake nights, and if you’ve swooned at the sight of Austin Butler lighting a cigarette, the upcoming biker drama The Bikeriders is most certainly for you.

The Bikeriders, Jeff Nichols’ drama of the open road, might not feature any queer plotlines, but it doesn’t need any: it has Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy in it. You know, Jodie Comer? Of “Killing Eve” fame? And Tom Hardy, the man who brought the Batman villain Bane to sexy, if incoherent life in The Dark Knight Rises? Exactly. Enough said. Austin Butler is merely the icing on this incredibly homoerotic cake.

And to make matters even sexier, Michael Shannon aka the once and future DILF, is also in the mix. From the trailer alone, it looks like we can expect some sweaty, glistening muscles, torn shirts, and a silly accent from the big guy for you himself.

Essentially, this has gay appeal written all over it, even if it does seem like an extension of the “Sons of Anarchy” universe. We’ll take it!

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