Femme Fatale

Watch a drag queen get revenge in ‘Femme’

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but this new film proves that it’s best with a 40 inch bussdown and stiletto heels. In the trailer for Femme, a drag queen slays onstage and behind closed doors when the wrong man crosses her.

Set to pulsing sounds of Shygirl’s “Cleo,” in the trailer we meet Jules (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), a Black queer man who works as a sickening drag queen named Aphrodite. After a night of work, Jules encounters a gang of men who harass her and ultimately attack him.

Jules is forever changed by the incident and while the physical wounds heal, Jules’ mental health suffers. His friends are concerned for him and worry about his attacker getting away.

“You’re letting them win,” one friend states. While another asks how he wants “to deal with that?”

Jules seems to serendipitously find a way to handle the situation. On a night out at a local bathhouse, Jules comes across one of his attackers named Preston (George MacKay).

Jules realizes he has an opportunity for revenge. Jules goes undercover, changing his wardrobe and mannerisms, to infiltrate Preston’s life, ultimately leading to an affair between the two men. 

“I’m a nice guy,” Preston says.“ If you disrespect me, I f*ck you up.”

To which Jules responds with,“ I get that. I’m the same.”

Jules is going to great lengths to get back at the man who hurt him, but as a trailer questions what will Jules lose in return?

We’ll find out when Femme comes out in the UK on December 1st, but for those in the states, we won’t know until March 22. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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