Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Play “Hogwarts Legacy”

Being an ally to the trans community isn’t hard. The things we’re asking for are simple: listen to us when we talk, try and interrogate your own internal biases, and for the love of God, don’t put money into JK Rowling’s pocket.

It might seem simple enough to separate the beloved world of Harry Potter lore from its TERF creator. But realistically, folks who are still buying Harry Potter/Hogwarts merch, renting the movies, or engaging with Pottermore are absolutely giving money to someone who’s going to turn right around and give that money to anti-trans causes. And if you’d like a deep dive into the matter, we’ve got you covered.

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It might seem hard then, at first, the abstain from the new Harry Potter RPG “Hogwarts Legacy”…that is, until you learn just how sh*tty the game actually is on every level.

The graphics are bad, the story is boring, and no one is exactly impressed. But that didn’t stop one IGN reviewer from giving it a full-on rave.

Indeed, it’s odd that this particular hill is the one folks are so willing to die on, considering that the game is pretty disappointing.

And for those getting all excited over the game’s new trans character…please sit down.

Honestly, it feels like a troll.

That’s why trans folks are asking allies to kindly boycott the game (not too big of an ask since the game, by all accounts, sucks sh*t.)

The final word on the subject:

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