Luca Guadagnino’s latest selfie is getting gay gamers all hot and bothered

There’s simply no doubt about it: Italian director of modern gay classics Luca Guadagnino is on a roll. He hit it out of the park with 2017’s Call Me By Your Name, made a bisexual smash with this year’s Challengers, and his Daniel Craig-starring, three-hour opus Queer is about to turn Sundance 2025 on its head. What can’t the man do, in the name of all things good and gay?

Nothing. He’s unstoppable. And after posing for a very cute selfie with Japanese game developer titan Hideo Kojima, people are growing curiouser and curiouser as to what his next move will be. Perhaps a video game? Even a….gay video game?

Now in case you’re not aware of how momentous this occasion truly is, let me break it down. The famously prolific gaming auteur not only created one of the most influential stealth games of this century in the form of Metal Gear and brought a Blade Runner-esque cyberpunk dystopia to life with Death Stranding, he’s also been surprisingly great about populating his games with casual queer characters way before it was cool.

He’s also allegedly creating a game as we speak with a trans woman lead, which is, yes, still a big deal even as mainstream games begin to embrace queer and trans characters more openly. And he thought All of Us Strangers was the best movie of the year.

So while we don’t know Kojima’s sexuality, we can confirm that this meeting of the minds feels very cool, and very auspicious. The possibilities? Infinite.

What will come of this exciting union? Only time will tell…

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