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‘Mortal Kombat 1’ Needs This Fierce Queen on Its Roster

*TW: graphic video game violence

Mortal Kombat is back with a new installment and a vengeance, but fans are hoping that it returns with one character in mind. 

The popular gruesome fighting game franchise is coming back to gaming consoles on September 14 with Mortal Kombat 1 and fans cannot control themselves. The franchise has been a favorite of many gaymers, with an assortment of characters brutally destroying each other with fists, feet, blades, and magic in an infamous, multiversal tournament called, you guessed it, “Mortal Kombat”. The promo for the upcoming game, which features deadly fight sequences called fatalities, is as intense as ever.

Mortal Kombat 1 trailers also revealed a revamped storyline with returning characters and many are gay icons in their own right. There’s the fierce Kitana wielding razor sharp fans, everyone’s favorite daddy Kano, and the vicious Mileena sporting twin sais and a smile that could kill (literally).

Even lesser known characters like the demons Sareena and Ashrah and the protectors Tanya and Li Mei received upgrades and fans are living for it.

The franchise’s co-creator, Ed Boon, posted about new gameplay coming out during this year’s Gamescom, which means more character reveals. But there’s one character in particular that fans are patiently impatiently waiting for, Sindel. 

Sindel is queen of the land called Edenia, mother to Kitana, and a baddie with a sonic scream that can rip a person to shreds. Oh, and she can use her 40 inch bussdown to entangle her foes. Paired with a fierce look, Sindel is the definition of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent in Mortal Kombat and the fans know it. 

Gameplay footage from MK1‘s predecessor, Mortal Kombat 11, speaks for itself. Just remember, it’s a little very brutal.

Eagle-eyed fans zeroed in on Boon’s post and have determined that the room in the iconic Mortal Kombat logo is actually Sindel’s throne room. So far, we know that in this revamped storyline, Mileena isn’t a clone of Kitana (as previous games have made her out to be), but rather they are sisters. This means that Sindel is mother to two of the franchise’s baddest and deadliest. And Sindel is nothing to laugh at either and fans are ready for the return of “Queen Mother”.

With the last few characters to be unveiled in today’s Gamecom footage, fans will wait to see if their queen will return to her Mortal Kombat throne.

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