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Queer Viewers Have One Very Important Criticism of the Dungeons & Dragons Movie

It’s been a month since the opening of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, and people are asking one thing and one thing only: where’s the gay?

It’s understandable: while the 1974 tabletop game developed a reputation for being the sport of pasty, shut-in white male nerds shortly after release, it’s also famously a favorite game of the girls, gays, and theys. I mean, it involves roleplaying. Who did you think it was going to appeal to?

That’s why queer viewers are noticing something a wee bit off about the Chris Pine vehicle.

DND has become a way for queer and trans folks to commune with each other safely, try on other identities, and create a neverending story of magic, intrigue, and genderf*ckery. In a 2018 sourcebook, there’s even explicit mention of trans and gender-nonconforming characters.

Then again, who said we needed anyone to be canon queer to enjoy a movie about an RPG?

Holding out hope for next time. Casting agents, please give Eve Lindley a prominent role!

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