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This streamer’s take on nonbinary people shows how not to be an ally

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This streamer thought he was supporting the nonbinary community. Instead, he demonstrated a textbook example on how not to be an ally.

We’re in the day and age of video game streamers and many people highlight their gameplay from the popular team-based, multiplayer game Overwatch 2. Streamer David Orr is on a journey to become a professional Overwatch competitor and his gameplay footage documents him taking on this challenge. But during one streaming session he gave his two cents on the nonbinary Overwatch 2 character Venture and let’s just say he could’ve kept his opinion to himself.

On day 182 of his Overwatch Champions Series journey, Orr discussed Venture’s gameplay and kit, but then pivoted to talk about Venture being nonbinary.

“What no one seems bold enough to talk about, however, is their identity,” Orr said. “My stance on Venture’s identity will strike many folks as probably odd, as I’m personally a Christian. Don’t worry, my opinion will also frustrate some Christians as well.”

We didn’t ask for his “stance” on Venture’s identity, but here goes nothing.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed, at this point in the video, that I have been using Venture’s preferred pronouns,” Orr added. “I personally don’t agree with the concept of gender fluidity, as I think God was very clear when said that He created us both man and woman. However, for both Venture as a character in a video game and people that I know in my personal life, I will continue to go out of my way to be humble, kind, respectful, and loving to everyone I meet. That includes using preferred pronouns, even though I don’t agree with the basis of their use.”

This wasn’t the “allyship serve” Orr thought it was. Venture is one of the various queer characters present within Overwatch 2, along with Lifeweaver, Tracer, and Soldier: 76, to name a few. But if Orr’s stance on Venture’s identity is applied to any of the other queer characters, we can assume that he’ll “respect” their identities, but won’t agree with what they are, nor think that they exist, due to his religious beliefs.

That’s NOT the definition of allyship and X (formally Twitter) user Dawn (@d4wntodusk) called it out in a thread. First Dawn noted, that Orr shouldn’t be “applauded” for his actions.

Agreed, but wait, there’s more. Secondly, Dawn noted that, nonbinary people have always existed and that Orr’s rhetoric around gender dismisses that gender is a social construct.

Then Dawn also noted that Orr’s rhetoric reinforces a gender and sex binary that excludes nonbinary and intersex folks.

Dawn finished their thread by stating that “religious views are not exempt from criticism” just because they may appear to be more “respectful.” But saying that someone’s identity doesn’t exist, when it actually does, is far from respectful.

Bigotry is bigotry, no matter how it’s packaged.

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