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Twitch streamer Sketch confirms he used to create queer content on OnlyFans

A well-known streamer on Twitch has gone viral over the last 24 hours after it emerged he used to create queer OnlyFans content. 

Sketch has built a huge following on TikTok and Twitch since early 2023. Otherwise known by his real name, Kylie Cox, he was born in 1998 or 1999, making him 25 or 26. 

He began to build his platform when he started streaming himself playing the Madden NFL computer game. Because of this, he has many straight, male followers. His “What’s up, brother?” catchphrase went viral on TikTok, and he’s collaborated with NFL teams as his profile has grown. 

Before his streaming career took off, he worked in real estate for three years in his early 20s. He heralds from Dallas, Texas. 

Yesterday, a video went viral on YouTube. It claimed to be an exposé of Sketch’s background as an OnlyFans creator. Titled, “The Real Sketch: The Untold Story of Jamie Mar”, it claimed Cox produced adult content under several different names. The video posted images from some of the videos and pointed out physical similarities between the person involved and Sketch. 

Many of the videos have now been reposted to X. Should you go searching for them, be advised that “Mar” is often engaged in graphic sexual acts with other men so be careful where you view them. 

Yesterday, Sketch posted a live stream to Twitch in which he addressed the YouTube video. He confirmed it was him in the videos. His comments start at around the three-minute mark below.

“Two years ago, I did some stuff,” Sketch said. “I’m sorry if you’ve seen some of the stuff, you know I’m a changed person.”

He goes on to say making the video was harder than he imagined, and “Cat’s outta’ the bag!”

He went on to thank those who had supported him, including friends, family and fellow streamers including FaZe Banks. 

“I understand if you’re mad. S**t hit the fan. I was dealing with some addiction problems, a couple of them. But no excuse there, I guess. Just trying to give you some background.

“That was a dark time. A rough time … I’m owning up to it.”

He says he’d been living under the weight of his OnlyFans past coming to light for the past two years, so there was some relief to it finally coming out. 

It remains unknown how Sketch defines his sexuality.

He then suggests that were it not for the support he’d received, “I probably wouldn’t be talking to you right now.” He says ‘Plan A” was to “call it quits” if this ever came out. 

“The people like FaZe Banks, especially, and the friends that I’ve made over the past years came and saved me. I don’t know what I was gonna do.

“F**k it, we start streaming more often! Or quit, I don’t know, one of the two.”

FaZe Banks

FaZe Banks then posted a supportive message for Sketch on X. He said, “Not everything needs to be broadcast & farmed, but since yall wana jump to crazy assumptions Sketch told me to post these receipts. All the FaZe boys were with him last night. Sketch was my homie yesterday, he’s my homie today, he’ll be my homie tomorrow. You guys are fkn weirdos.” 

Banks’ tweet has had over 200k likes. 

Other streamers have also defended Sketch, although some have been less kind or downright homophobic about his OnlyFans past.

One other high-profile person to come to Sketch’s defense is New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner. He said, “Sketch handled the situation better than a lot of people would’ve. The same ones that loved him before all of this will love him after and if they don’t then they didn’t really love him to begin with. People go through tough times and it promotes growth. I stand with him.”

The tweet has had over 100k likes at the time of writing. 

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