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Ariana Grande just collaborated with two more music icons

Ariana Grande is collecting music icons like infinity stones.

Ariana Grande’s “The Boy Is Mine” definitely set the internet ablaze. With homage to DC’s Catwoman and Netflix’s You, appearances from actor Penn Badgley and R&B superstars Brandy and Monica, and a voice role from Grande’s bestie Liz Gillies, the boy and the music video of the summer belongs to Grande. And now, remixes might belong to her too with this recent announcement.

Grande took to social media on Monday to announce her latest collab is a remix of “The Boy Is Mine” with Brandy and Monica. A video cameo wasn’t enough and now Arianators get to experience the vocal trinity of Grande, Brandy, and Monica together. Grande gushed about the collab and the two R&B superstars on Instagram.

“I cannot believe this is real (i don’t know if i will even long after it’s out),” Grande wrote. “My deepest and sincerest thank you to Brandy and Monica, not only for joining me for this moment, but for your generosity, your kindness, and for the countless ways in which you have inspired me.” 

Speaking of inspiration, Grande’s track title pays tribute to Brandy and Monica’s iconic late ’90s duet of the same name. Grande even mentioned that her track is a reimagining of Brandy and Monica’s song. That reimagining came from the reworking of leaked comedy sketch song “Fantasize.”

Brandy and Monica rose to fame in the ’90s as teen acts, just like Grande, and topped music charts multiple times with songs like “Angel of Mine” and “The First Night for Monica and “Have You Ever?” and “I Wanna Be Down” for Brandy. But both saw immense success with their duet “The Boy Is Mine,” topping the Billboard Hot 100 and earning them their first and only Grammy award. Now, they might get both again with Grande’s remix.

“It is near impossible to say how much this means to me,” Grande added. “This is in celebration of you both and the impact that you have had on every vocalist, vocal producer, musician, artist that is creating today. I loooooove you both so so much. Thank you!!!!!!!”

Grande has previously collaborated with music icons, such as Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli, Chaka Khan. Not meting, she’s worked some of the industry’s most popular acts, like Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Normani, Kelly Clarkson, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Miley Cyrus, Lan Del Rey, and bestie Victoria Monét. At this point, Grande’s collab list will be as long as her trademark ponytail.

“The Boy Is Mine” remix comes out on June 21.

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