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Bella Ramsey Stays Obsessed with These Hot Eurovision Twinks

The year was 2009. The culture was, if not exactly pre-Kardashian, far from what it would become in terms of our attitude around celebrities who became famous for “doing nothing.” The UK talent show “X-Factor”, headed up by Simon Cowell, was about to be flipped on its head. Jedward was going to make their debut.

Now who the hell, you might be asking, is Jedward? For those who don’t remember, Jedward is the stage name of John and Edward Grimes, the much-maligned, much-discussed pair of twins who became famous for doing covers of other peoples’ songs on both “X-Factor” and “Eurovision.” And they must be seen to be believed.

Jedward was an iconic act for one reason and one reason only: they were twinks. They couldn’t sing, they couldn’t dance, and they were the working definition at the time of “go girl, give us nothing.” So what could they do, you ask? Well they could style their hair in an interesting way reminiscent of the Coneheads. And yeah, that was about it.

It goes without saying that if you were a closeted teen in 2009, you absolutely lived for Jedward. You saw two twinks being twinks on television jumping around giddily to Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” and you thought to yourself, “you know what? Maybe there’s hope for me.”

And guess who else thought that? None other than nonbinary icon Bella Ramsey.

That’s right: in a recent BBC video airing ahead of this year’s Eurovision competition, the “Last of Us” star spoke candidly about her love for all things Jedward. And I, personally, screamed out loud and fell on the floor.

“The point [of Eurovision] is unbridled joy,” Ramsey explains in the video while combating negative user comments about Eurovision. “The point is deep happiness.” The point is also to create cultural artifacts like Jedward who—yes—are still very much making music. Ramsey starts out the video by singing a snatch of their 2010 hit “Lipstick,” and captions the clip with a paean to the earth-shaking power of the famous twinks. “Eurovision is one of the greatest things to ever exist,” Ramsey writes, “Jedward a close second. So when Jedward performed at Eurovision TWICE I lost my tiny mind. Anyway. Enjoy this. Also I saw Jedward live on the actual day of my 10th birthday, just saying.”

So there you have it. Eurovision is Gay Olympics, and it’s also great because of Jedward. And we can’t forget that it was the place where famed Swedish band ABBA knocked the world on its ear with their 1974 performance of “Waterloo,” and if that isn’t gay culture, I simply don’t know what is.

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