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Bob the Drag Queen is “BLACK”, Queer, and Proud in New Music Video

Bob the Drag Queen continues to slay the game. With the third season of We’re Here around the corner, his podcast with drag queen Monét X Change Sibling Rivalry going on tour this Fall, and a new EP coming out early 2023, Bob has been busy – to say the least.

After releasing the EP’s first single “Bitch Like Me” in September of this year, Bob is back with a new single “BLACK” ft. Ocean Kelly and Basit

In an explosive analysis and celebration of Blackness and queerness, Bob and Kelly rap over an infectious beat produced by Kelly and Mitch Ferrino, while Basit croons about how good it feels to be Black. 

“Myself and Mitch (Ferrino) were working on ‘BLACK’ together and it’s a song that’s about being Black,” Bob stated in a press release. “Then I thought that I definitely needed a Black ear on the song, so I reached out to Ocean and they took it over from there and finished the song…I’m so proud of this song!”

With lyrics like I’m Black with a capital Black / Tell these brand new bitches they need to watch they back / Because I don’t play games when it comes to my money / Yea, I’ve been telling jokes but ain’t a damn thing funny Bob made it very clear that he’s not here to play with anyone. Period. 

Of course a visual was needed, and Bob delivered. The music video was directed by Marvin Brown and creative direction was given by Brown and Bob. The multi-hyphenated entertainer’s video depicts police officers, a “Karen”, a Donald Trump look-a-like, and a January 6th insurrectionist all being subdued, while Kelly, Basit, and a collection of dancers flourish in and outside of a warehouse. The music video finishes with Bob dressed elegantly in a yellow gown and posing in a sea of yellow fabric. 

“I cried the first time I watched this video, I went through a journey and I spent a lot to make it happen,” Bob said. “Not just cost wise, but also energy and also I was so excited to have a majority black crew. So I’m so so proud of this video.“ 

And there’s plenty to be proud of. Bob has always used his platform to not only entertain, but to raise awareness about various social issues. His activism is synonymous with his drag, quick wit, and larger-than-life personality. He’s solidifying this once again with his new single “BLACK”. 

“I feel like growing up, Blackness and queerness was through the straight male gaze. And if I was going to be Black and gay, it had to be defiant. But this is just about existing, and it involves Black queer people being in charge.”

Check out the music video for “BLACK” below.

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