Charli XCX and Lorde worked it out on the remix, and the gays are meme-ing it up

Charli XCX’s genre-defining album brat has given the gays full and total summer lift-off, but Charli’s not done with us yet. Last week, the pop icon released a new version of the album with three additional tracks—including the hotly-anticipated Spring Breakers—and sooner than you could say “bumpin’ that” she went ahead and started unrolling the remixes.

Now this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary on a normal year and with a normal album. But this is brat we’re talking about. Not content to leave us half-wondering about who the girl is in the ode to complex female friendship in the music industry “Girl, so confusing”, Charli went right ahead and got Lorde (“they say we have the same hair”) to make the song’s meaning explicit.

On the new track, Lorde joins in and offers healing words of her own.

“Well, honestly, I was speechless
When I woke up to your voice note,” she sings,
“You told me how you’d been feeling
Let’s work it out on the remix.”

Work it out they did, and they gays are gagging over two getting two icons for the price of one. No sooner did the remix hit streaming on Friday than the memes started flowing.

The gays did the only thing possible: align the now-iconic lyrics with images of famous pop-culture feuds.

From Bridesmaids to Sex and the City to real-life enemies like Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, “let’s work it out on the remix” reframed everything hilariously. It’s now officially in the gay lexicon.

Got an issue with someone? Work it out on the remix.

What if we, you know, worked it out on the remix.

If you know, you know.

Honestly, if they can do it, what’s to stop any of us from working it out on the remix?

This is what it’s all about: when the girls talk about hot brat summer, they’re actually talking about healing. And we love that!

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