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Charli XCX’s ‘360’ is an ode to the ‘hot internet girl’

In Charli XCX’s newest video, she’s on the hunt for the next “hot internet girl,” a role she — and all the celebrities she’s invited to dinner — have played at one time or another.

The video begins with Charli arriving at a restaurant, where eight other internet icons have already started a meal. Charli wants to sing her new song, but model and musician Gabbriette says they have more pressing business to attend to.

“We have to fulfill the prophecy of finding a new hot internet girl,” Gabbriette says. “That’s literally why we’re at dinner.”

“Or else our kind will cease to exist. Forever,” adds Euphoria star Chloe Cherry.

Charli suggests a bleach blond girl at the end of the table, but Bottoms and Bodies, Bodies, Bodies standout Rachel Sennott corrects her.

“Charli, that’s literally Julia Fox,” Sennott says, as the much-memed actress and model sheepishly waves.

Instead, Charli suggests their waiter, played by Greer Cohen, an up-and-coming actress who Sennott says has “totally waiter vibes.”

Cohen is down to be the next “hot internet girl,” but what does the title actually entail? The icons at the table all chime in with their opinions.

“You actually need to have this, like, je ne sais quoi,” says Fox, which Charli echoes: “It’s definitely a je ne sais quoi kind of situation.”

“And I would say it’s about being really hot, in a scary way,” Gabbriette adds.

“You have to be, like, known, but at the same time unknowable,” throws in Richie Shazam, a model, photographer, writer, and Fox’s best friend. Everyone at the table gives an “mm” in response.

Having found the new hot internet girl, Charli launches into her new song, “360,” and the parade of celebrity cameos continues. We’re talking Chloë Sevigny, Alex Consani, Hari Nef, Emma Chamberlain, Quen Blackwell, and Blizzy McGuire — just to name a few.

Fans are amazed at the lineup, which one X user called “Ocean’s 8 for people with crumbs in their bed.”

The song itself is a bop, too, and its lyrics even references some of the icons in the video. In the first verse, Charli says, “Call me Gabbriette, you’re so inspired,” and in the chorus, she sings “I’m everywhere, I’m so Julia,” a reference to Fox.

“360” is now streaming on all platforms, and Charli’s album BRAT releases on June 7. Check out the music video for “360” below.

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