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Charli XCX’s “Good Ones” Video is a Full Halloween Vibe

Listen up, gays! There’s some new Charli on our radars!

Charli XCX’s video for “Good Ones” only dropped nary an hour ago, and already we’re screaming, gagging, and doing all the things gays do to show their appreciation for a true pop icon. 

This video is really giving us life, in that its all about death. In “Good Ones,” Charli leads her coven to a funeral while decrying that she “always lets the good ones go” because the bad ones are so much sexier. After gyrating on a coffin and at a literal grave site, Charli and the team serve up some fantastic “Pretty Little Liars” lewks at the church, while opening up Bibles that burst into flames at the center.

She’s giving me Elvira, she’s giving me Vampira, she’s giving me The Love Witch, she’s giving me Sabrina the teenage slut. And I love it all. 


Also, Charli has made some truly fantastic fashion choices here. Where can I get this leather bralette and panty combo? Charli, DM me. Some fans are already asking the hard questions, such as: was this video inspired in any way by the My Chemical Romance video for “Helena”? Probably.

The fact that this woman began her press release with “I, the inimitable Charli XCX”

In light of this, it’s no surprise that the memes are already flooding in.

The gays are stunned, excited, perplexed, aroused, and agog!

Can you blame us?

The world may be ending, but at least it’s our time, dammit!

Don’t speak to us for the rest of the day please, we’re busy.

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