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David Archuleta’s latest selfie prompts a flood of thirsty offers online

American Idol alum David Archuleta posted a selfie online yesterday that appears to have gone down particularly well with fans and followers. 

Shot on his phone in the reflection of a bathroom mirror, Archuleta commented, “Phone’s cracked. Spirit ain’t.”

On Instagram, the post has already had over 20k likes and plenty of admiring and supportive comments. 

“I just have to say that your stories and posts always make me smile and laugh and cheer me up on sad days. 🙏❤️” said one person. “Thank you for being you!🤗❤️Sorry about your phone lol but I’m so glad you’re doing better than ever!”

It’s also had over 15k likes on X, where it seems to have attracted a thirstier collection of comments. 

“Hell Together”

Archuleta shot to fame on American Idol in 2008. Raised a devout Mormon, we now know that he struggled for years to embrace his sexuality. He came out in the summer of 2021 and now says he’s most comfortable using the label “queer.” 

Since coming out, he’s continued to receive negative messages from fellow Christians who have told him to repent. He said last year that he had decided to step away from the Mormon church for a while. 

Archuleta participated on The Masked Singer last year and was a guest on the latest season of American Idol last Monday. He returned to perform his new song, “Hell Together”. 

He explained to host Ryan Seacrest the story behind the song, saying, “I grew up very much in my faith and religion, very devout, but I came out of the closet a couple years ago,” he said. “It was very hard to balance faith and coming out. It was too much. So I stepped away.”

He continued, with a smile, saying, “I didn’t hear from my mom for a few days. So I was like, ‘Oh no. I pissed my mom off. Oh no.’ Because she was very devout, too. Then she texted me a few days later and she said, ‘I stepped away from the church as well.’ I was like, ‘What? Oh my gosh.’ She said, ‘I don’t want to be somewhere where my children don’t feel loved and accepted and if you’re going to hell, then we’re all going to hell with you.'”

Watch below.

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