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Did Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ change history?

To say Madonna is a pop icon is an understatement. Her discography alone has changed the course of the music as we know it. From her initial bops like “Borderline” and “Material Girl” to recent hits like “Vulgar” with Sam Smith or The Idol’s “Popular” with The Weeknd and Playboi Carti, Madonna continues to slay to the music industry 

Also, her influence can be seen in artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Lady Gaga. Not to mention, there’s even a “Madonna Studies“. So if you don’t have an academic curriculum about you, are you even influential? 

Well, the internet is discussing the influence of one of her 2005 hits, “Hung Up.” The lead single off of her tenth album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, with an ABBA sample, a killer hook, and a slick visual, Madonna’s “Hung Up” became an instant ear worm and reached number in multiple countries.

But why stop there? “Hung Up” was a return to Madonna’s dance roots, but the start of a new era. With “Hung Up,” and the rest of her album Confessions on a Dance Floor, the pop icon won several awards, including a BRIT Award, a Grammy Award, two World Music Awards, and a Guinness World Record for topping the charts in the most countries. A casual slay.

And when the X account songs that changed history (@iconiksongs) posted about “Hung Up,” fans and casual Madonna listeners couldn’t resist disclosing how this song changed them forever.

Also, looks like many a millennial had the same upbringing, with several fans citing watching the video on Vh1 in the mornings.

Honestly, everyone seems to be alright with millennials gays reliving the impact of this song.

Madonna’s influence is vast and “Hung Up” is just one of the many ways it remains that way.

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