Doechii clapped back at Azealia Banks’ fan base pitch

Doechii had a few words to say to Azealia Banks.

Rapper Azealia Banks is known for not mincing her words. While she recently called out Beyoncé and her country Cowboy Carter album, she now has her sights on another southern belle, fellow rapper Doechii. Queen Bey famously never responds to drama, but the Florida rapper had time to respond to the New Yorker.

Doechii posted a carousel of photos to Instagram with the caption “ok y’all… what should our fandom name be?”

Nowadays, most artists have a name for their fandom. Ariana Grande has the “Arianators,” Lady Gaga has the “Little Monsters,” and Beyoncé has the “BeyHive.” So Doechii is following suit, and gave out three suggestions in a poll underneath the post: the Swamp, the Gators, and the Chii Chiis.

The first two reference her upbringing in Tampa, Florida, while the latter refers to her name. Fans flocked to the post voting for their suggestions. So, Azealia decided to give her opinion on the post.

“Definitely should call them the “wannabe’s,” Azealia commented.

The Harlem rapper seemed to be taking shots at Doechii’s artistry. Both artists are influenced by house music, have a large queer fanbase, and both are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. So for the “212” rapper to tell Doechii that her fanbase should be called “wannabes” seems like she’s allegedly alluding to Doechii commandeering her artistry.

But Doechii wasn’t having it.

@azealiabanksforever the first time you came for me I let it slide outta respect for my elders,” Doechii wrote. “It’s not my fault you sellin bussy soap and I’m sellin platinum records. Leave me alone PLEASE.”

Well, there’s that. Doechii doesn’t seem to be interested in contributing to any rap beef, especially after the success of her earworm “What It Is” and now she’s blazing through 2024 with her new song “Alter Ego” featuring City Girls member JT. Azealia hasn’t responded to Doechii’s comment, but Doechii’s fans flocked to the post, supporting the “Alter Ego” rapper.

Drama aside, in case you’re wondering, the Swamp is now what Doechii calls her fanbase. But she’s not limiting her fans to one name. In another post she shared that “based on the results of yesterdays poll… Swamp takes it fair n square 👏🏿 but you’ll still be my chiichii’s from time to time, and I’ll always have a special place in my heart for my gaytors 🤭🫶🏿 #SWAMP

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