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Doja Cat was not happy about her concert crowd ignoring this Hilary Duff hit

Doja Cat‘s festival crowd wasn’t feeling her Hilary Duff song choice.

Doja Cat was one the several headliners at Manchester, England’s Parklife Festival, giving the audience Scarlet bops to dance to. Rain didn’t stop the show and the “Paint the Town” rapper was ready to work a crowd. But one particular song choice didn’t vibe well with audience.

During her set, Doja Cat sang Hilary Duff’s hit song “Come Clean” a cappella. The track was hit in the 2000s, and prompted many a millennial to break into the song’s chorus when they look out of a window on a rainy day. Doja Cat expected the crowd to sing with her, but the Parklife Festival crowd wasn’t feeling it.

Doja Cat, frustrated, questioned why the crowd wasn’t singing along, saying “B*tch, you don’t know this sh*t? What the f*ck?” in a recent concert clip circulating around X. The headliner was dumbfounded by the lack of enthusiasm for Duff’s track and exasperatedly switched gears to perform “Say So.” And with the crowd immediately getting excited from hearing the song’s opening melody, Doja Cat probably felt even more gagged by the experience.

For those not aware, before Duff starred in How I Met Your Father, she was a bonafide Disney star. Playing the titular role in Lizzie McGuire, Duff, along with Lindsay Lohan and Raven-Symoné, ran Disney Channel, crossed over into acting on the silver screen with films (like Cheaper by the Dozen, A Cinderella Story, and Raise Your Voice), and even became a gay icon with an anti-bullying PSA. And like her fellow Disney queens, she produced different pop tracks, with arguably the most famous one being “Come Clean.”

So many on the internet were just as gagged as Doja Cat by the Parklife Festival crowd’s reaction and had plenty to say about it.

Other folks online are chocking it up to Gen Z dressing like millennials in their teenage years, but not understanding (or caring) about the culture and music that sprang forth from that time.

Well, hopefully the next time Doja Cat breaks out into a 2000s hit, she’ll have plenty of millennials belting it out along with her.

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