Dawn of Chromatica

Don’t Worry, the Chromatica Remix Album is On the Way

Remember last year when Lady Gaga dropped Chromatica, the “party” album full of fun gay dance tracks that happened to be released right at the top of the pandemic?

Well don’t worry, more fun dance hits are coming via the Chromatica remix album, slated for September 3rd, also during the pandemic. 

So who’s on this thing? Well, queer fan favorite Rina Sawayama, for one, appears on Dawn of Chromatica, as does Pabllo Vittar, Charli XCX, and Dorian Elektra. So what you’re telling me with this lineup, Gaga, is that Chromatica is about to get even more chromatic. With guest vocals by Arca, Planningtorock, and a Bree Runway remix of “Babylon,” it’s hard to imagine the album becoming less dance-heavy. Instead, it’s probably going to be even more chaotic and dance-mixy. We’re talking clashing metals and the Windows 98 start-up sound for Charli’s track. And if I don’t get an ‘Alice’ remix with a Bimini Bon Boulash verse and backing vocals by Boy George, I’ll be very upset. I might even sue for breach of promise.

Dawn of Chromatica comes out in three fresh days, but if you’re desperate, Rina just dropped a ‘Free Woman’ remix, so there’s that.

We can certainly all look forward to shaking ass in the mirror alone in our rooms once more.

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