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Drake says he ‘feels bi’ and it’s starting to piss fans off

Aubrey Graham aka Drake is one his generation’s top rappers and continues to keep his name plastered around social media for his rhymes and his torrid love life. Over the past three years, he has churned out three 20-song albums with some questionable lyrics. 

In his 2021 album Certified Lover Boy, he claimed to be a “certified lesbian.” On the track titled “Girls Want Girls,” Drake claims that, well, “girls want girls where I’m from” before saying “said that you a lesbian, girl, me too.” Well, if you thought those lyrics were alarming, Drake just took another letter within the “alphabet mafia.” 

In his song “Members Only” on his new album, aptly named For the Dogs, the Canadian crooner sings “Feel like I’m bi / because you’re one of the guys, girl” and that’s definitely a head scratching moment. Of course, that’s not how bisexuality works, but what do you expect from a man who tells a lesbian, “I’m a lesbian too”?


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Well, TikToker Sabrina Monroe (@NickyMonroeee) wasn’t going to let it slide and in a video she uploaded to the platform, she dragged him saying, “at this point, he cannot keep getting away with this.”

She added, “Now, you throwin’ out bars about ‘I feel like I’m bi, because you’re one of the guys.’ It’s a bar, should have stayed in the drafts because what did you just say?”

We’re asking the same question. It’s not the first time Drake floundered his way into queer canon. His song “Rich Flex” with rapper 21 Savage off of his album Her Loss created some iconic memes from his delivery of the lyrics “21, can you do somethin’ for me?”


I’m so blessed to have recorded this with drake him self, it took a lot of convincing but we did it , now run it up lol @marcusjustdidit

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And while that was all fun and games, at this point Drake is trying to snag (and misuse) each letter of the LGBTQ+ community as if they’re Infinity Stones. Honestly, we can’t let him get to another letter. 

As Monroe said at the end of her video, “We can’t keep defending you like this, Aubrey.” 

We agree. 

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