Emerging Queer Artists You Should be Bopping to During Pride Season

While live music is not quite ready to happen just yet in 2021, that hasn’t stopped queer artists from blessing our eardrums with new bops. 

If the world isn’t quite ready to open its doors more than a crack again in 2021 just yet, some of us will have to celebrate from the comfort of our couches. One of the best ways to celebrate pride from home is by supporting queer artists!

You can do that by listening to their latest and upcoming singles, of course. 

Without further ado, here are 10 emerging QTBIPOC artists to listen to this pride season (and beyond.)

When live music makes its comeback, we’ll be ready.

1. Lil Nas X

While X may not count as an “emerging” artist, he has served us well with Old Town Road and is worth mentioning here. Lil Nas recently said that he will be dropping new music in 2021, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

2. Honey Dijon

In July of 2020, Honey Dijon announced she would be releasing her second album, Black Girl Magic. Likewise, last year she dropped two singles off the album, “Not About You” and “La Femme Fantastique.”

3. Trans Trenderz
Trans Trenderz is actually a music label, not an independent artist. However, they have been consistently putting out new music from trans and queer people, and are definitely worth checking out as they continue to grow in 2021.

4. Raveena

Raveena came back to bless us in 2020. After releasing an EP in 2017, they released another EP back last year called Moonstone. Rumors have swarmed that Raveena will be dropping an album or at the very least, new music in 2021.

5. Jesswar

Jesswar has only released a few songs throughout her short rap career. However, in October of 2020, she dropped Venom, and left us waiting for more.

6. Kaleena Zanders

Kaleena Zanders is here and queer, baby! Zanders has been dropping singles left and right, and we cannot wait to see what more she has in store for us. Set Me Off is one of Zanders’ latest songs, filled with soulful pop-rock vibes.

7. Libby Larkin

Libby Larkin is an up-and-coming queer artist, with their latest EP L | A, which is streaming now. Inspired by her ex-girlfriend cheating on her, Larkin’s music is emotionally fueled and something every queer person can relate to.

8. Deb Never

Deb Never graced our screens back in 2019 with her debut House on Wheels EP. Guess what! Deb Never is back in 2021 dropping bops like Sorry, and she is definitely on our listen list.

9. Wafia

If you are into dance-pop, look no further than Wafia. She has flown under the radar a little bit, which makes her all the more wonderful to check out this year. Wafia released Good Things back in 2020.

10. Jay Oladokun

Last year, Jay Oladokun released her second album, In Defense of My Own Happiness, which launched into the music scene. The artist uses her work to do inner work on herself, as you listen to her pick apart things from her past and work towards a brighter future.

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