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Get Lifted With Victoria Monét and Lucky Daye in ‘Smoke’

*Photo credit: Victoria Monét via Instagram

TGIF! You made it through the week and it’s time to unwind. Maybe you like comfort food, maybe you like a nice glass of wine, or, if you’re like Victoria Monét, you’d prefer to “Smoke”.

The singer-songwriter partnered with artist Lucky Daye to bring you a perfectly hazy musical concoction. The bisexual baddie has teased upcoming music for a while now and after leaving us with a duet version to her song “Think We Might Be Falling In Love” with Bryson Tiller, she’s launching her Jaguar II era with “Smoke”.

Her new single is about letting your cares fade away as you get lifted with some “green influence”, if you will. The two R&B stars trade smoke-filled innuendos across a funk/R&B beat, letting you know that whatever they smoke is “a bisexual blunt, it can go both ways”. 

No need to be down. Monét and Daye just want to “keep it in rotation” because “it’s a celebration every time we smoke”. With smooth lyrics and even smoother production, it’s hard not to feel like your own worries melt away as you listen to “Smoke”. Or maybe that’s just you feeling the effects of your own puff, puff, pass rotation. 

Did we mention that the music video is fire? 

Directed by Charlie Denis, Monét is clad in her trademark silky brown attire enjoying the freedom that the desert provides with Daye. How does one do that? Well, they barbeque in the desert sun, recreate smoking ads in Monét and Daye’s image, and literally getting lifted into the sky via a smoke tornado.

The music video for “Smoke” is a sultry ode to 70s funk and “Mary Jane”. Speaking of sultry, make sure to watch the end of the video to witness Monét show off expert pole-dancing skills within a bong, while Daye admires from afar. 

The release of “Smoke” comes ahead of Monét’s upcoming show, First Night in LA, on March 31 at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles.

But enough talk. Check out Monét and Daye’s new music video below and get lifted: 

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