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Here’s how Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus made their collab “II Most Wanted”

Miley Cyrus spills the tea on her Cowboy Carter collab with Beyoncé.

Cyrus is W magazine’s cover star and the recent Grammy winner is dishing on more intimate parts of her life. One of those aspects, being her relationship with Queen Bey herself. The two entertainers, years of friendship, finally have a collab together called “II Most Wanted” and Cyrus shared how it all came together.

The former child star-turned-pop-star is finally getting her “Flowers.” With a number one hit single (“Flowers”), a Grammy win, and being named the youngest entertainer to receive the Disney Legend honorific, Cyrus is coming out on top. And another cherry on top of her success is her duet with Beyoncé.

Since performing with each other, and artists like Rihanna and Mariah Carey, at the Stand Up to Cancer telethon in 2008, the two have been friends.

“We performed together when I was really young, probably 14, at the Stand Up to Cancer benefit,” Cyrus said for W. “I was ­sandwiched between Beyoncé and Rihanna, who were, you know, five feet ten inches and in heels. Their hips were, like, up to my shoulders. They were these powerful, fully realized, grown women, and I’m pretty sure I had braces on the back of my teeth. They were protective of me.”

Cyrus shared that texting the “Texas Hold ‘Em” singer is a normal part of day-to-day schedule.

“Sometimes I forget to talk about things that are a ­normal part of my day-to-day, like texting with Beyoncé,” Cyrus said. “I think it’s a really cute part of our relationship, because over the past couple of years I’ve really locked down on my privacy and on what I share with the public. She’s the same way. Part of our relationship is the safety between us. The songwriting or the work is just a small part of my relationship with her—or with Dolly [Parton], or with anyone.”

Both artists also share another thing in common, they’ve both worked with country legend (and Cyrus’ godmother) Dolly Parton. Not to mention, both Cyrus and Parton are featured prominently in Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter. Reports already disclosed that Cowboy Carter was five years in the making and Cyrus confirmed that her duet with Queen Bey was written two and half years ago.

“I wrote that song, like, two and a half years ago,” Cyrus explained. “My mom would always go, ‘I love that song so much.’ So when Beyoncé reached out to me about music, I thought of it right away because it really encompasses our relationship. I told her, ‘We don’t have to get ­country; we are country. We’ve been country.’ I said, ‘You know, between you being from Texas and me being from Tennessee, so much of us is going to be in this song.” Getting to write a song, not just sing, for Beyoncé was a dream come true.”

The song was also a dream come true fans, with many calling it one of their favorite tracks and starting a viral trend on TikTok. Beyoncé is still promoting Cowboy Carter and while there aren’t any release dates on visuals, fans are hoping Cyrus makes an appearance in them for “II Most Wanted.” Still, we have this duet and that’s plenty to tide us over until then.

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