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Here’s why Beyoncé and Lady Gaga fans can’t wait for Friday to arrive

Beyoncé‘s Cowboy Carter comes out this Friday and one fan thinks a Lady Gaga collab is evident.

Like everyone else, we’re all putting on our cowboy boots and hats in preparation for Beyoncé’s country-themed Act II. With Queen Bey’s upcoming country album around the corner, theories have sprung up everywhere on who will be featured. Rumors have circulated around Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and country icon Dolly Parton, who seemingly confirmed that Beyoncé recorded a version of Parton’s famous track “Jolene.”

While we have to wait and see what and who pops up on Cowboy Carter, one TikToker thinks that, not only is Lady Gaga going to be a collaborator on the album, but that we’re getting a part two to their famous collab “Telephone.”


Did Beyoncé just give us a clue about Lady Gaga on Cowboy Carter?! #beyonce #cowboycarter #ladygaga #fyp

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TikToker @yourthickbigsis thinks that several clues on social media hint towards a Beyoncé/Lady Gaga collab. For starters, she points out the similarities to Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold ‘Em” promo to the imagery in the “Telephone” video.

“All of the speculation of a Lady Gaga feature on Cowboy Carter started when we got the ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ section of 2024 Super Bowl commercial that Beyonce put together,” she said. “In there we are have a lot of thematic similarities to the ‘Telephone’ record that she did with Lady Gaga in 2009.”

Additionally, @yourthickbigsis took it a step further by analyzing one of Queen Bey’s latest Instagram posts that might tie in the “Telephone” video’s reference to filmmaker Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 film Kill Bill: Vol. 1. The Flipagram Instagram post she made highlighted her Cowboy Carter aesthetic, except for a picture of a bottle of Japanese sake.

“The Flipagram had a lot of Americana themes, red, white, and blue, star-spangle banner, that we expect based on the Cowboy Carter rollout so far,” she said. “But there was one image that stuck out like a sore thumb and I could not get my brain off of and that is this image of this sake bottle Yuki No Bosha.”

Now, walk with her on this one. the Japanese sake Yuki No Bosha translates to “Cabin in the Snow” and @yourthickbigsis stated that when she saw the bottle it made her think of Kill Bill: Vol. 1. Tarantino’s revenge film is full of American and Japanese themes and she pointed out that the sake’s name translation reminded her of particular snowy fight scene between Kill Bill: Vol. 1. stars Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu. Also within the film is a yellow truck with the words “P*ssy Wagon” in pink lettering on it that Thurman drives.

Who else drives that truck? Beyoncé and Lady Gaga do in “Telephone,” hence the Tarantino connection that @yourthickbigsis highlights.

“This is the same truck that we see in KB Vol. 1 with Uma Thurman and it basically links Uma, Quentin Tarantino, Japan, Lady Gaga, Cowboy Carter,” she said. “That’s how I spiraled to this point.”

Another clue @yourthickbigsis highlighted was that Vance Gamble, assistant stylist to Beyoncé and who worked with her during her Renaissance and Cowboy Carter eras, posted an image of Lady Gaga on his Instagram Story. But her final argument was that “Telephone” features Bey and “Mother Monster” in American flag-themed attire, an aesthetic prominent within Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter era.

“The final piece to this convoluted puzzle that I put together is that in the 2009 video for ‘Telephone,’ there are scenes where both Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are dressed up in American flag attire, Americana attire, which ties back to all of the Cowboy Carter [promo] and why I believe it makes sense that Beyoncé included that bottle of sake in her Flipagram that was all about Americana,” she said.

While @yourthickbigsis acknowledged that her theory may seem wild, fans were quick to point out other connections in the comments. For example, “Telephone” turns 15 years old this year or that Lady Gaga sings the lyrics “I wanna hold ’em like they do in Texas, please” in her song “Poker Face.” But the plot thickens, as Beyoncé recently released the Cowboy Carter track list.

Country legends Parton, Willie Nelson, and one of the first Black country artists Linda Martell are all confirmed to be on the album that features songs like “Sweet Honey Buckin’,” “Just for Fun,” and “Smoke Hour.” But eagle-eyed fans noticed that the song “II Most Wanted” could be a continuation of “Telephone.”

All will be revealed when Cowboy Carter launches on March 29.

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