Here’s why Dai Burger is a ‘Whole A** Mood’

When you’re Dai Burger, everything you do is a vibe. Born in Queens, New York, Dai is a hard-hitting MC blending food, raw sexuality, bubblegum sweetness, and bars to create a fabulous, confectionary rap concoction. After getting her start as a backup dancer for Lil Mama, Dai launched her music career in the late-Myspace era with MyMixxxytape

Her colorful aesthetic, high energy delivery, and unapologetic lyrics radiate within her albums Soft Serve, Bite The Burger, and Back in ya Mouf. Not to mention, she gained a dedicated fanbase that she calls her “Dai Ones.” Now, Dai has returned with a new single “Whole A** Mood” that’s proving that she’s just what the song title refers to. 

INTO chatted with Dai about her new song and what fans can expect from her upcoming project Dai Dreamin

Your new song “Whole A$$ Mood” talks about being your baddest self. What’s the key to feeling like a whole ass mood? 

The key to feeling like a whole a** mood: waking up & getting to it! I feel my baddest & my strongest when I’m tackling goals and not accepting “No’s.” Every day is a chance to be your baddest self. Get up, put that sh*t on and go!

Of course your fans will use your music as a go-to “pick-me-up.” What’s your go-to song or album when you need a pick-me-up and why? 

When I need a pick-me-up, I like to listen to Mariah Carey’s The Remixes! It’s the perfect collision of R&B and hip-hop. I love all the hiphop features and overall nostalgia I feel when I play it real loud. One minute, I’m singing like Mariah, the next, I’m rapping like Da Brat. It’s great. 

You’ve collaborated with queer artists like Kid Kenn, Cakes da Killa, and Cazwell. Who else do you have on your collaborator wish list?

Hmmm, I definitely love what the girls are bringing to the table, I’d love to link up with Doechii! I think we’d really give the kids something to bop to.

What is your favorite piece of queer slang? 

LOL at queer slang…well lingo is lingo. Any term can be classified as queer slang by the delivery really. I, personally, find myself saying “purrrr” a lot. It’s like a more fierce, sultry way of saying “yaaassss.” 

What can fans expect from your new project Dai Dreamin’

They can expect, of course, more bops to prance around to, a deeper true to life understanding of who I am, and how I stay positive & driven all while chasing and living a “dream.” It’s a love letter on never giving up.

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