A new era

Is David Archuleta showing the internet how he hides a hickey?

The internet loves seeing David Archuleta come into his own as a proud queer person and now they’re even happier for him as enters a new era.

And what might that era be? The “hoe era.” That’s right, it looks like David went from singing about his “Crush” to being bit by one. 

In a recent TikTok, David posted about his gratitude for a Walgreen employee saving his neck and hiding a supposed hickey in plain sight with a bit of makeup magic.


All i can say to that walgreens employee is you saved me today

♬ original sound – David Archuleta

The video was captioned with “All i can say to that walgreens employee is you saved me today” and Archuleta proudly showed off the makeup handy work he applied to his neck. 

“To the girl employee at Walgreens who taught me about green concealer first and then applying the skin tone after, thank you.”

Archuleta has been busy competing on this year’s season of The Masked Singer, released three new singles, and recently performed at LOVELOUD, nonprofit and concert created by Imagine Dragons’ front-man, Dan Reynolds. Well, it seems that he’s been pretty busy with other parts of his life.

Fans flooded Archuleta’s comments in support of him entering his “hoe era.” One user posted, “I f*cking love David Archuleta hoe era,” another wanted to know who the “lucky dude,” and use was like the rest of us stating “I’m politely gonna ask for story time.”

Well, if there’s a follow-up story, we’re impatiently waiting for it. The ball is in Archuleta’s court.

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