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Is Doja Cat Seeing a Trans Therapist?

After a long hiatus, we finally have a new Doja Cat track to listen to, and boy is it a banger.

On Friday, the artist known as Doja Cat released her new single “Attention,” an incredible “f*ck fame” track in the style of “Don’t Make Me Over” and “Overprotected.” The world—and especially the gays—has been eating it up. Sporting a blonde buzzcut and a long trenchcoat worth of Sam Spade, Doja raps: “you follow me, but you don’t really care about the music.”

Essentially, as with all Doja Cat songs, it’s a vibe, and if you’re like me, you’ve been replaying it all weekend.

Also if you’re like me, one particular lyric may have stood out to you.

Discussing her past (and recent) relationship to trolls commenting about Doja Cat’s mental health (usually in condescending terms,) the “Planet Her” rapper says:

“I read it, all the comments sayin’, “D, I’m really shooketh”
“D, you need to see a therapist, is you lookin?”
Yes, the one I got, they really are the best
Now I feel like I can see you bitches is depressed”

Now hold on a minute: THEY really are the best? Ok, is Doja on the same tip that I’m on? Does she have a nonbinary therapist, too? Because yes, they absolutely are the best, and I speak from experience.

I’m not the only one who had this reaction, either:

The power of nonbinary and trans therapists is absolutely real: and if there’s one thing we know about Doja, it’s that she doesn’t mess around with anything—or anyone—that could be called “second best.”

So honestly, for my money, I’m pretty sure Doja is spitting those they/them pronouns with serious intent. It would make perfect sense: while Doja Cat has never actually come out as anything, she did announce a few years ago that she and songwriter Bree Runway were dating at Winnie Harlow party. While many fans saw the announcement as a joke, or at most a passionate proclamation of how much Bree Runway’s friendship meant to her, it’s unclear whether Doja and Bree have, or have ever had, a romantic relationship.

I mean, hope springs eternal, I guess. Personally, I’ve always gotten a radically queer vibe from Doja Cat. Perhaps it’s because her music, styling, and music video visuals absolutely rule. She’s one of the baddest in the game currently, and it would be amazing if she was playing on our team.

One thing is for certain: if Doja is seeing a nonbinary or trans therapist, she’s in fantastic hands.

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