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Is Victoria Monét related to a member of Destiny’s Child?

With the release of her new album Jaguar II, Victoria Monét is stepping out of the studio as a songwriter for pop’s brightest stars, and stepping into her own limelight. With singles like “Smoke,” “Party Girls,” and “On My Mama,” and her sold out tour, the bisexual baddie is taking over the music industry one performance at a time. 

As a music icon in the making, Rolling Stone chose her to be a part of their latest issue, “Musicians on Musicians.” So who else could chat with Victoria about her music industry experience? Well, that would be Grammy Award-winning, chart-topping recording artist, and Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland.

In the interview, they gushed over their love for their children, how they both started in girl groups, and how they both met their fathers later in life. But one topic popped up that thoroughly surprised Kelly.

In the middle of their conversation, Victoria revealed that she and Kelly share a family name, “Lovett.”

“I found out that your dad’s last name is Lovett, and my family’s last name is Lovett,” Victoria said. “So I’m like, we might need to do a little 23[andMe] real quick, because your family’s from the South.”

Naturally, Kelly was shook by the reveal.

“My heart is racing right now. Victoria, that is wild,” Kelly stated. “Are you serious?”

Victoria went on to discuss how the Lovett name is on her mother’s side and then talked about how the two artists were similar in their upbringing. Of course, a little DNA test might prove they are more similar than they think. 

Victoria Monét and THEE Kelly Rowland as family? It’s a mind blowing thought, one that sent the internet into a frenzy.

Let’s see if their “cousin reveal” makes the next interview.

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