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Jakk Fynn Is Reconstructing Gender, However He Sees Fit, in the Music Video for ‘Take My Heart’

You should never have to compromise who you are for a relationship, whether that be with a partner, a friend, or a family member. As LGBTQ+ folks, many of us have had to navigate this. Pop artist Jakk Fynn (he/him) has had his fair share of navigating family friction and put it into his latest song and music video, “Take My Heart”.

Fynn sings Take my heart again / And bend and break it, which blends moodier subject matter over a bright, pop beat. A quick listen to the chorus makes the song seem like a breakup anthem, but Fynn sings about his struggles trying to simply be himself, while his family forces him into a box. 

“While ‘Take My Heart’ may sound like a typical breakup song, I actually wrote it about my complex relationship with my family. As a trans and neurodivergent person, being raised by my immigrant grandparents resulted in a lot of friction because my identity didn’t fit their script,” said Fynn. “While I was coming of age, this left me with a lot of deep pain and heartbreak as I struggled to define my identity and find peace in pursuit of living as my most authentic self.”

Fynn’s new song is a testament to living authentically, regardless of what naysayers think. As a Latinx, transmasculine pop artist, Fynn is dedicated to redefining masculinity within his art. As a singer-songwriter based in California, Fynn has allowed himself to traverse through different musical genres, effectively influencing the sound he has today. From Nirvana, to the Beach Boys, to NSYNC, Fynn soaks up everything to create an eclectic sound of his own. 

After spending time as an artist in bands, Fynn is creating his own path. As a trans artist, he’s providing more trans representation within pop music, and giving himself and other trans folks the representation they deserve. But that took time. Not only to mold Fynn’s musical sound, but to also establish their approach to gender. 

“I was once so at odds with my skin that a dress felt like violence. Yet now, feminine modes of expression won’t erode my peace or destabilize my sense of self,” said Fynn. “So sure, gender can be a very harmful construct, but don’t be afraid of the power you hold to reconstruct it. The journey is never-ending, but a better global construct can’t emerge until we’re all constantly iterating on ourselves and transcending the norms that hurt us.”

Now, Fynn is using the power to reconstruct gender in whatever image he chooses and it shows within his music video for “Take My Heart”. Directed by Candice Dalson and filmed by Jacob Alvarado, Fynn subverts gender norms with a masked figure (representing the identity he leaves behind) as they swap feminine and masculine attire throughout the music video. 

“Growing up AFAB felt like I was sentenced to misery. The expectations of family and society had zero appeal; it left me little room to envision a life beyond it. During my adolescence I found relief in daydreaming, cross-dressing, and music,” said Fynn. “In this video I’m ironically engaging similarly, but from a space of liberation. I could go on about how the video symbolizes the binary, power struggles, and its breakdown, but I think my biggest takeaway is the actual experience. It feels akin to a phoenix.”

Fynn isn’t going to be boxed in anymore and neither should you. “Take My Heart” is the first single from his upcoming EP Can’t Look Back.

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