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JeRonelle Wants You to Be “Stuck” On His New Music

Sometimes, you can feel like you can’t let something (or someone go). Singer JeRonelle knows that feeling all too well and sings all about it in his new song “Stuck”. The soulful delivery in his gospel tinged vocals will resonate with many fans of late ‘90s R&B, a time where artists like Joe, Carl Thomas, 112, and Ginuwine sang their hearts out in songs longing for love and forgiveness. 

JeRonelle channels that same type of performance and sound in “Stuck”. The first single since his 2020 EP Beloved, “Stuck” acts as the lead single to his upcoming project Regret & Reflect and shows off a more confident and matured sound from the Omaha, Nebraska native. Since leaving behind season 2 of Fox TV’s “The Four” has been on a journey of self-discovery, finding comfort in his queerness and a new voice along the way. 

With lyrics in “Stuck”, JeRonelle reflects on a past relationship and uses the song as an attempt to win back his lover, after realizing they’re slipping away. He effortlessly croons over a soulful, bright production that reflects his hopeful yearning for his past love.

“‘Stuck’ is a peek into the last year and a half of my life as I found myself longing to re-establish a connection with someone I developed strong feelings for,” said JeRonelle. “This song represents the last ditch effort we as men sometimes make to win back someone we love after we start to lose them to someone else.”

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The music video conveys a similar late ‘90s R&B feel, as it focuses solely on JeRonelle. The singer-songwriter belts alone at home, harkening back to when Sisqo, Donnell Jones, and Tyrese felt what they sang and left it all in their music videos for fans and for that special someone. What’s great with JeRonelle, is that we get that sentiment from a queer R&B artist. 

“I wanted the video for “Stuck” to further push the story behind the song and convey a sense of loneliness, uncertainty, & vulnerability while also giving a slight nod to some of my favorite late 90’s R&B heartbreak songs/music videos.”

Check out JeRonelle’s “Stuck” below:

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