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Kim Petras’ Latest Announcement Continues the Year of the Big Gay Tour

Pop singer Kim Petras is ready for the next stage of stardom: a world tour. 

It’s safe to say that Petras is having a phenomenal year. She snagged a Grammy Award with bestie and collaborator Sam Smith for their number one hit “Unholy”, became a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covergirl, was honored at Billboard’s Women in Music Awards with the Chartbreaker Award, and she’ll release her debut studio album, Feed the Beast, during Pride month. Now, she’ll add more to her plate with the announcement of her Feed the Beast world tour. 

On Wednesday, Petras posted a promotional video to social media to announce the upcoming tour. Petras traverses through the streets of New York City wearing a full suit of medieval armor, while a violin solo version of “Unholy” plays in the background. She ends up in a bodega where “Alone”, her collaboration with Nicki Minaj, plays in the store while she tells a starstruck cashier, “I love this song.” While we might not be sure if she’s feeding the beast or slaying it with this medieval getup in the video, we do know that she’s going on tour. 

The 34-date tour will start in Mountain View, California and end in Milan, Italy. The “Coconuts” singer told USA Today that she already had the tour in the works for months and is pulling inspiration from pop icon Madonna’s 2006 Confessions Tour, English rock band Muse, and German metal band Rammstein. Now that the announcement is out, when August 4 (the first tour date) arrives, Petras will join the cadre of entertainers currently on tour. 

From Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Rina Sawayama, Janet Jackson, and Madonna, queer fans will have plenty of concerts to tide them over this summer. Will pockets be empty? More than likely. But will queer fans live their best life at each of these concerts? Most definitely. 

With her new tour, Petras is making great strides for transgender visibility within pop music and within the music industry. And with her debut album, Feed the Beast, around the corner, her fans, affectionately called Bunheads, will be ready to eat up all that the pop powerhouse has to offer. 

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