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Lil Nas X drops candid new track about Grindr, hookups, condoms and PrEP

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on with Lil Nas X at the moment. His comeback single, “J Christ”, was released via his label, Columbia, in January. However, it underperformed chart-wise, only going in at number 69. A follow-up, the more ballad-like “Where Do We Go Now?” came out a week later but without a video. It failed to chart.

Since that time, Lil Nas X has taken to dropping tracks through his personal Soundcloud account. He’s previously indicated that the material may not stay there for long. It’s unknown how his record label feels about this. Perhaps it’s a ploy to test out material before releasing it more widely?

Either way, last night the “Industry Baby” rapper dropped his latest track, entitled “Trust Me”.

In a caption, he said, “This song means a lot to me.”

In a clip he posted to Instagram (swipe below), he performed some of the lyrics.

“Cap and gown I graduated and got out of town/ Grindr sessions sextin’ with faceless accounts/ Bringing’ bodies in me, then sneaking them out,” he raps over some bouncy 808s.

“Back in middle school, I was fiending for d**k / 7th grade, sending my homies some pics / Daddy never knew what I did as a kid / He would’ve crucified me but trust me I get it, trust me I get it”

Magnum condoms

In an Instagram story, he shared more of the lyrics.

“Got on PrEP I’m ready for the worse/ I’m f*ckin way more than I deserve/ I ain’t seen a doctor in some months/ just the Covid vaccination nurse.

“Yeah I wrap it up for most/ Magnum wrappers on the kitchen floors/ platinum rappers never could relate to me/ We just on some whole different goals/ Never have I sold my soul/ But I got over 40million sold/ How tf I’m only 24, mind of a 42-year-old.”

Lil Nas X lyrics to 'Trust Me'

It’s a low-key, atmospheric and personal track that touches upon issues of trust: Something many gay men are mindful about when it comes to sex and intimacy.

On Soundcloud, Lil Nas X has added the track alongside three other recent tracks to a ‘Naserati 2’ playlist. ‘Naserati’ was the name of a self-released mixtape he put out in 2018 before he became famous following the global success of “Old Town Road” in 2019.

Whatever the reason for releasing this only on Soundcloud, it’s great to hear Lil Nas X releasing quality tunes and remaining his authentic self. Here’s hoping for a that sophomore album of new material some time soon.

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