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Lil Nas X Said He Wanted to See Orgies at His Shows and the Internet Said “Absolutely”

On his first ever US tour, Lil Nas X is discovering his power to make his dreams a reality, and lucky for us, he’s using that power for the common good. The rapper is now looking to manifest his latest dream: to see orgies at his concerts.

Lil Nas X kicked off the US leg of his Long Live Montero Tour in Detroit, but despite the achievement this represents, the “Industry Baby” star was not satisfied. He took to Twitter last week to say, “Not going to be proud of myself until furries show up at my concert.”

The tweet quickly went viral, but it did much more than earn retweets and likes—the furries actually showed up. Two days after the first tweet, Lil Nas X followed up saying “Oh my god i won,” showing a photo of furries in attendance at the concert.

Having discovered his new power, he decided to test its limits. Lil Nas X tweeted, “Not gonna be proud of myself until there is a big orgy in the audience at one of my concerts.”

He then followed up with a compilation photo, showing the furry tweet alongside the photo of furries and the orgy tweet alongside a hopeful image of Mr. Krabs in a leather harness. “Now we wait,” he said.

It looks like there’s a good chance Lil Nas X will manifest his desires yet again—fans have indicated that they are more than ready to oblige.

While security at the venues have not been pleased with these antics, Lil Nas X has his fans’ backs.

It’s been three days now since the orgy tweet. But Lil Nas X is wrong about one thing: we can do more than just wait. We can buy tickets and be the orgy we want to see in the world.

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