Lil Nas X teases fans with new track from his ‘Christian era’

New music from rap sensation Lil Nas X might come from a new genre.

On November 29, Lil Nas X took to social media to ask an important question, “y’all mind if i enter my christian era?”

Along with a video of him parading through an empty street at night, Lil Nas X played a snippet of a song that was giving heavy Christian rock vibes. The 24-year-old rapper wore a shirt that read “If God doesn’t exist, then why is He laughing at us?” while mouthing the words to the song. 

“Father, stretch my hands. The lonely road seems to last the longest. Help me with my plans. Everything seems to go to nowhere.”

The “Industry Baby” rapper proceeds to leave his vehicle, continuing to lip sync to his song.

“Oh, free me from worry and wanting pity. Free me from all this envy in me.”

Lil Nas X continues to plead with God before jumping into a chorus.

“I call on angels. I’m trying hard to face my pain, yeah. Give me hope when I feel, give me hope when I feel less.”

Lil Nas X isn’t one to shy away from mixing different musical genres together, regardless of what naysayers think. His debut EP 7 and his first album Montero fused rock, hip-hop, country, r&b, and pop together to create sonically pleasing and lauded bodies of work. 

So, for him to venture into Christian rock shouldn’t come as a surprise. Also, the music video for his hit song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” features plenty of Christian lore and iconography, so imagine the visuals for this unreleased song. 

But the other question Lil Nas X should ask is, “What do my fans think?” Well, looks like fans are here for the rapper’s “born again” era.

Whatever Lil Nas X’s new era holds, fans will be ready. But don’t get it twisted, he’s still the same Lil Nas X who wants you to call him by your name. 

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