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Lil Nas X’s Debut Album is Coming and WOW

“Icon” is not a label to be used lightly, but after launching multiple cultural events in the form of music videos, singles, and performance art, Lil Nas X certainly can lay claim to the title. 

It all began when Lil Nas X took the stage  in 2019: releasing hit after hit from the first cultural phenomena of Old Town Road, to Panini, to his most recent viral single, Montero (Call Me By Your Name.)

On the route to his legendary status, Lil Nas X hit main stages all over the world, setting up a pitch performance of Montero (Call Me By Your Name) on the esteemed SNL stage before hitting his performance of the same single out of the park this past weekend at the BET Awards. 

Cameras nearly cracked at the makeout sesh between Lil Nas X and one of his shirtless, shredded backup dancers. With the courage legends are made of, he artfully orchestrates an unapologetic display of sexuality between two Black men on the massive BET network. 

Now, he’s teasing his upcoming debut album. 

The Grammy-Award-winning singer turned superhero took to social media Tuesday (June 29)  to release a larger-than-life Marvel-inspired announcement for his first full-length project. The teaser trailer brought the Marvel theater experience to the music universe by mirroring the iconic opening sequence that plays before every big, box-office hit! 

Only this time, each clip as it flickered featured the heroic Lil Nas X in some of the most iconic moments of his career. The shots go from him as the devil in Montero (Call Me By Your Name) to the star as a certified country casanova with Billy Ray Cyrus. Within the expansivity of Lil Nas X’s range, we find there’s no end in sight to the depth of his artistry. 

Between the Marvel Cinematic Universe trailer and X’s eclectic style, there’s also no telling what direction his album, titled Montero, will be going – and with no release date either, the anticipation just builds. 

When considering how his career up until now has been but a precedent to his just-announced and first full-length album,  Lil Nas X is quite literally breaking ground as a new kind of pop star. He is the kind of star that enters our homes and hearts with the familiarity of a beloved friend; as if somehow, we were once all childhood besties with the star and know at our core, he without a doubt deserves every glamorous second in the spotlight. 

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